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Concert Agency Wolfgang Trojan
Concert - Gala - Dance - Wedding

Liebknechtgasse 36/37/2
A-1160 Vienna
Phone & Fax: +43 1 489 79 88
Mobil: +43 699 101 58579

Thank you very much for your interest in the multi-facetted artistic and organizational services of the Concert Agency Wolfgang Trojan.
Save yourself time and let us assemble, free and without obligation, a comprehensive and tailor-made proposal for your own personal event. In order that we may get a clear picture of your individual wishes as well as all the important components or your event, we request that you answer a few questions. Of course, we will treat all of your information as strictly confidential.
We will contact you as soon as possible. Furthermore, we will gladly send you interesting additional information about the artists that we represent such as repertoire lists, resumèes or detailed program suggestions.


Date of the event:
starting time/duration:
location of event:
Stage available:
stage lighting
size of audience:
type of concert:
I am interested in the following artists:
Vienna Symphonia Schrammeln
Viennese Ladies Orchestra "Tempo di Valse"
Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna
Vienna Harmonists
Gala Show with Elke Kottmair "Beware of Blondes"
Vienna Zemlinsky Quintet
Gerhard Aflenzer & His Broadway Big Band
Collegium Viennense
The Ballroom Orchestra Alcazar
I am interested in:
"Our Special -
the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss"
I would like
program suggestions:
I would like moderation
at the concert:
How would you like
be contacted?

On whom shall we direct our response? 
Please complete the *boxes marked with a star.
Thank you
* first name:
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