Our Special - the Viennese Ball

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Enjoy a heady night at a ball in a tasteful atmosphere, let lilting waltzes and international hits get you in the mood to dance and discover, at a Viennese Ball, the attitude towards life in a city with tradition. Here we have outlined for you the sequence of events at the internationally successful "Viennese Ball" with all the traditional /favorite program points and offer you selected suggestions for an entertaining & effective artistic program.

Would you like comprehensive information about the artists which we offer for the Viennese Ball? We invite you to click on Ball/Viennese Dance Music, Ball/International Dance Music, Leading Dance Couples & Dancing Master and Ball/Midnight Interlude - there we have compiled more information, great photos and listening examples for you.
Are you especially interested in a particular ensemble or segment of our Viennese Ball package? Of course both individual ensembles as well as different segments of the program may be booked singly. Give you fantasy free rein and make your own personal choice. To help you save time, we have prepared a thorough questionnaire for you under the heading Your Ball à la Carte.