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Do you love the vivacious ball atmosphere and cheerful exuberance of the sounds of the Viennese waltz? The Viennese Ball Orchestra Johann Strauss, a ball orchestra in the tradition of the 19th century, offers you a varied and professionally coordinated program for your ball: the tried and true repertoire of the flexible ensemble spans from the beloved Viennese waltz to the fox trot, polka, Argentinian tango, galop and on over to slow waltzes and the spirited Paso doble.
The instrumental combination is variable and depends on your wishes: even in a formation with 7 musicians, the lilting ball melodies led by the concertmaster sound completely true to the style of the waltz king Johann Strauss.

Ensemble Johann Strauss - Wien Michaela Wild

Viennese Ball in Holland -
Tales from the Vienna Woods, Waltz
Viennese Ball in Holland -
Skaters, Waltz
Opera Ball Bucarest 2006