"A Celebration chez Prince Orlofsky - I Like to Entertain Guests" 
Would you like to offer your guests something very special and represent the opening of your congress, your award ceremony or your gala evening in the style of a celebration chez Prince Orlofsky from the 2nd act of the world famous operetta "Die Fledermaus"? Your guests and you as organizer will be the focal point of the approx. 30 minute show.  
You can look forward to enjoying an evening of musical highlights by the Waltz-King Johann Strauss, and experience a show which is a successful mix of effervescent waltz and operetta combined with charming and witty patter, co-ordinated perfectly to suit the motto and program of your special event.
Our "host", Prince Orlofsky, capably played by a wellknown Viennese mezzo-soprano will lead you in an amusing way through the diversified program and present numerous artists to you as surprise guests at "his" celebration. Our charming soprano as Rosalinde flirts with our tenor, "her spouse" Gabriel von Eisenstein. In the course of the evening, hits from "Fledermaus" such as "Klšnge der Heimat", "Trinke Liebchen, trinke schnell" or the fast-paced pocket watch duet may be heard. Listen to the waltz "Roses from the South", and the spirited "Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka" during the performance of the Imperial Court-Ballet. 
The other guests at the celebration are played by the Dance Formation "Viennese Waltz", the women in elaborate silk costumes in the style of the 19th century, the men in black tails. With "Feuerstrom der Reben", Prince Orlofsky and his two vocal soloists offer your guests a furioso finale, and, as the "guests" on stage relish the champagne celebration, they toast with pleasure to the health of all those present in the hall.  The "Blue Danube Waltz" sounds, the dancers and singers sway in three-quarter time and, so doing, convey at the close of the program a little of the Viennese way of life. Finally, to the tones of the Radetzky March, the guests in the audience will be motivated to clap along. 
The musical framework for the operetta show "Celebration chez Prince Orlofsky" and the sensitive accompaniment of the artistic performances during the show is provided for by the charming musicians of the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss in black evening gowns.