MOZART SHOW: "The Magic of Amadeus"

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Mozart - Show: „Der Zauber des Amadeus“

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You can look forward to hearing musical highlights by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the genius of the millennium: the Wolfgang Trojan Concert Agency presents you with a first-class program lasting about 25 minutes long. The most beloved melodies from the greatest successes of the world of opera, "The Magic Flute", "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Don Giovanni", will be heard as your audience is encouraged in an elegant and witty way to participate in the show.

With his entrance song "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja" (The Birdcatcher Aria), the colorfully luminous Papageno, stylistically correct with a wooden bird cage and his famous pan-pipes, merrily begins his amorous pursuits: he cavorts among the rows of your guests and flirts charmingly (if sometimes a little shamelessly) with the ladies in the audience. Afterwards, experience the joyful mood as Papageno finally finds his Papagena and they sing their famous duet.

Erotically, Don Giovanni, with his masculine charm and sonorous voice, seeks to win the favor of the pretty Zerlina, who is already betrothed to another. Cherubino, the famous breeches role played by a woman, also contributes to the confusion of emotions. In the fiery "Champagne Aria", Don Giovanni pays homage to the charms of the gentle sex, and in the furious finale from the "Marriage of Figaro" the mood of the champagne celebration is exuberant as a toast is proposed to the health of the audience.

The Mozart Show "The Magic of Amadeus" is presented by the three well-known viennese singers - mezzosoprano, soprano and baritone. With splendid, historically accurate costumes from Mozart's time, a few props and a lovingly designed stage decoration, they capably convey the bubbling atmosphere of the sensuous rococo period. The Rococo Ensemble in the instrumental combination of piano, violin, clarinet and cello, provides for the able musical accompaniment.
Let yourself be transported to the fairy-tale world of opera served up with artistic perfection, staged with verve and garnished with many enchanting gags.


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