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The chamber music of the art of magic - the artist strolls from table to table and entertains your guests as he goes with ever-changing new tricks. First-hand, the onlooker experiences small wonders with playing cards, glasses, coins, etc. and is elegantly incorporated into the trick. Momentum develops in the room as some guests take to following the artist from table to table. This individual way of taking care of the audience lends itself particularly to functions with a small number of guests, in a room which lacks a stage which is visible by all and where there is no set sequence of events. The duration of Close-up Magic is at least about 30 minutes, depending on the number of guests - we recommend planning the performance for after the main course or dessert. Should you choose Close-up Magic for a group of about 60 guests or more, Magic Christian offers to design the evening's program for you together with several of his colleagues.

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