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Would you like to be transported and astonished by a fantastic mixture of well paced choreography and enthralling story? Supple bodies and emotional dancing - the young, creative dance group DancEmotion presents itself to you in four current shows programs with perfectly coordinated elements from Latin-, Modern- & Jazz dance. You, as on-looker, will be spell-bound by sound and light effects, the charming patter and the excitingly styled costumes which melt together into an intoxicating dance performance.
In addition to the four current, each approx. 15 minute, dance performances "Spirit of Africa", "C'est la vie à Paris", the James Bond Show "007-License to Dance" and "Dance with me". DancEmotion, comprised of two dance pairs, also offers you individually put together shows as a special service.

In "Spirit of Africa" you experience a successful melding of modern and primal in the music and choreography. Immerse yourself in the African jungle with its hot, haunting rhythms and in doing so, meet the mythical creature, half cat, half woman.

"C'est la vie à Paris" transports you to the famous night club, the "Moulin Rouge" - the story in the ingeniously choreographed show is about the beautiful Chantal, the star of the glittering establishment.

The James Bond Show "007-License to Dance" pampers you with the catchy hits from the adventures of the legendary British secret agent. In this dance performance 007 encounters the evil genius Dr. Dragon and his dangerous, seductive assistants Sugar and Honey. Enjoy the tingling suspense...

"Dance with me" entertains you with the "best of samba, cha-cha, rumba & salsa" - a show appreciated by all afficionados of the classical and elegant exhibition dance.
The artists will gladly develop a tailor-made program according to your personal wishes and ideas for your individual function.

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