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What are herald trumpets, how can they work their impressive and effective magic within the framework of your event?
The true-to-the-original copies of renaissance herald trumpets, trumpet-like with long, golden shafts, are decorated with red-white-red banners. With their special sound and grand appearance they transport your guests back in time to the 15th and 16th centuries with their splendid feasts and convey the pulsating zest for life of the Renaissance.

On the magnificent stairways, in the stylish arcades or by the fountain in the courtyard of a representative palace, the herald trumpets insure an effective musical welcome for your guests upon their arrival. At the end of the cocktail hour, capture your guests' attention with the festive tones and thereby bring about an elegant transition to dinner.

For a particularly effective staging for you personal function, we recommend the appearance of the herald trumpets in conjunction with the Baroque master of ceremonies. The festive tones of the herald trumpets prepare your guests for the impressive appearances and announcements of the master of ceremonies during your function.

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