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Magic Christian, Austria's most successful magician, takes you on a sensational trip to the wonderful world of magic: cars float over the stage, a lady from the audience visibly penetrates a large piece of plate glass, with the magic wave of a hand white paper is turned into bank notes - and all the while Magic Christian casually works wonders with playing cards, pocket knives and other everyday objects.
What is Magic Christian's unique art of magic? In his program, the artist communicates easily and entertainingly with his audience, arouses its curiosity, creates suspense, astonishes, evokes peals of laughter and moves it to contemplation in a special and amusing way. Not just in thought but also in deed, is many the surprised guest in the audience involved in one or the other magic trick, much to the pleasure of all the other on-lookers of the impressive show.
What can you expect from a performance by this artist at your personal function? The world famous magician offers you not only an inexhaustible repertoire of fantastic magic shows and self-created tricks, rather, he specializes particularly in putting together an individual program exclusively for your function. Through personal texts and content, he is able to create a direct relationship between his performance and you as the presenter. Throughout, the magician connects his conjuring to a particular theme, motto or product. The connection is not just verbal, he actually develops special tricks upon them for you and your audience.
Your guests will consider this evening with Magic Christian to be a special experience, an evening worth remembering for some time to come.
In order that you can form a picture of how your personal favourite program could look, we invite you to click on Fantastic Magic Shows - there we offer you an overview of five artistic areas which Magic Christian has to offer: Close-up Magic, Parlor Magic, Stage Magic, Great Illusion Show, and Magical Cabaret. In addition, we have compiled great photos and interesting descriptions of the individual areas for you.

Which one of the Fantastic Magic Shows is right for your personal event depends on your individual wishes concerning program and length as well as the kind and size of function, the number of guests and the presentation possibilities which the room allows the artist. We will gladly advise you, free and without obligation.

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