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Johann Strauss

Are you looking forward to finally meeting the famous Waltz King Johann Strauss "up-close and personal"? You will experience the "Magician of Three- quarter Time" convincingly played by the beloved Viennese entertainer and versatile all-round artist Thomas Strobl.
Our Johann Strauss takes you on an entertaining musical journey to the famous dance and pleasure palaces of the Austrian monarchy and in his relaxed patter reveals anecdotes and facts about "his life" as the widely-travelled and world-wide celebrated Waltz King. Thomas Strobl presents himself to you either in elegant tails with a black wig, moustache and violin, or as the golden Johann Strauss as the Waltz King is known from the famous statue in the Vienna Stadtpark.
Would you like to know why the "Tales of the Vienna Woods" was played four times in succession at its premiere or in which city Johann Strauss with his orchestra sounded his most beautiful waltzes in front of 100,000 fans? Moreover, you will experience, for example, how the famous "Roses from the South" sounds in a rap version, as it might sound as it were, had Johann Strauss composed it today. Within the framework of his impressive personality-show, as special musical highlight, our Johann Strauss presents you with two well-known Viennese singers who will spell-bind you in an intoxicating medley with master's the best loved operetta hits.
The charming female musicians of the Viennese Ladies Orchestra Johann Strauss provide for the tasteful musical accompaniment to the approximately 30 minute Johann Strauss Show; Thomas Strobl gladly delivers his patter in German or in English, as you wish.
"With Your Permission - Johann Strauss Introduces Himself" is offered to you exclusively by the Concert Agency Wolfgang Trojan. Since its creation on the occasion of the Strauss Year 1999, this unique show about one of the greatest pop stars of the 19th century has been the much admired artistic high point of numerous international galas and events from Vienna to Hamburg and Berlin to London.
Enjoy this successful artistic mix of vivacious operetta and waltz show combined with brilliant infotainment and charmingly witty patter. Delve into the pulsating life of the city of artists and emperors - the Vienna of the close of the 18th century. During our Johann Strauss Show the participation of your guests will be incorporated into the show in an elegant and witty manner...let yourself be surprised!
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