Vienna Harmonists

Vienna Harmonists
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The Vienna Harmonists are striving to continue the tradition of their great role model the Comedian Harmonists, and therefore take the stage in the typical combination of 3 tenors, baritone, bass and piano. Six artists from Vienna, every last one a brilliant musician and entertainer, guarantee you the original sound from back then and the elegant tails with patent leather shoes and starched collars offer the perfect styling. With legendary hits such as „Veronika der Lenz ist da“ (Veronica, spring is lovely) , „Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus“ (My Little Green Cactus) or „Wochenend und Sonnenschein“ (Happy Days are Here Again) the artists ably convey the sparkling stage atmosphere of the vaudeville and pleasure halls of Berlin in the 1930’s.
Along with the beloved German hits of the 20’s and 30’s, the Vienna Harmonists interpret American hits such as “Creole Love Call“ with an authentic and convincing delivery. Moreover, with their unique arrangements, the ensemble’s repertoire ranges all the way to W.A. Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 23 and an enchanting version of Rossini’s Overture to „The Barber of Seville“.

As an artistic highlight for your special event or as the content of a full evening concert, the Vienna Harmonists can offer you three attractive programs. A sung and staged „Comedian Harmonists Historie” tells the unbelievable story of the six German artists during the political confusion of the 1930’s - the artists who, after years of skyrocketing success, were barred in 1933 from their profession in their homeland and had to emigrate. In „Swinging Christmas“, their beloved Christmas show, the Vienna Harmonists let sound classics ranging from „Alle Jahre wieder“, „Oh du fröhliche“, and „Silent Night“ to „Jingle Bells“, and „Winter Wonderland“, as well as a swinging chorus from the Messiah and contemplative selections by Bach and Handel. Experience a cheerfully staged musical Christmas story from the personal point of view of the artists.

The new show „Vienna Harmonists - On the Way“ tells the story of the „Vienna Harmonists” from the successful musical revival of the Comedian Harmonists to their artistic autonomy. Without abandoning their musical heritage, they offer original compositions. In short skits the artists concern themselves musically with current themes such as gene technology and give the audience amusing little insights into the everyday life of the artist: perhaps you have always wanted to know what goes on during a rehearsal, how a new song comes into being, or everything that a tour entails...

Since its founding in 1994, the masterful sextet Vienna Harmonists, comprised of the three tenors Florian Meixner, Gernot Heinrich, Bernd Hemedinger, baritone Georg Lehner, bass, lyrics & direction Ronald Seboth and piano, musical direction & arrangements Michael Rot has won the enthusiasm of audiences in all of the German speaking world: appearances in the Volkstheater Wien, the Theater in der Josefstadt, in ORF, at the Concordia Ball, in the music hall Hamburg as well as at the Donauinsel Fest point to the popularity and the significance of the ensemble.

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