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"Beware of Blondes"

As male member of the audience would you flirt with a seductive blonde across the runway? Elke Kottmair, versatile soprano, flexible tap-dancer, and amusing mistress of ceremonies will fascinate you with the furious pace of her personality-show. She enthralls her public with charmingly risque chansons, entertaining Viennese operetta, and glamorous songs of the unforgettable film star Marilyn Monroe.
"Beware of Blondes"- the entire gala show as well as this timeless prejudice seem to be tailor-made for this top all-round artist: whether as tempting beauty with sensuous curves or comic cleaning lady or extravagant and dangerous vamp - in this program Elke Kottmair flirts with the little shortcoming of life, rocks herself gently in a waltz rhythm, hammers out staccato tap-dance steps, wafts dreamily in fantasy worlds or flirts shamelessly with every male being that glances across the stage.
Experience the comic talent and the wonderfully flexible voice of the artist. You will be charmed by her enchanting repartee with her audience - an evening which guarantees you and your guests "entertainment at it's best".
The length of "Beware of Blondes" conforms completely with your personal wishes - from an approximately 25 minute show segment as artistic highlight for your gala up to a full evenings's show program. The artist may be accompanied by the Viennese Ladies Orchestra "Tempo di Valse" or by a pianist.

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