Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna

Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna
Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna
Walter Kobera
Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna
Ensemble Johann Strauss - Wien Gruppenbild
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The Viennese violin sound, lilting waltzes, furious galops and typical polkas - the "Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna" presents itself to its audience in the style of the ensemble of the Waltz King Johann Strauss, jr. The 15 top professionals from Vienna, appearing as a small orchestra with piano, offer you selected works of the Strauss dynasty as well as their contemporaries Joseph Lanner, Philip Fahrbach and Franz Schubert.

Under the musical direction of Walter Kobera or the "Stehgeigerin" - standing concertmistress - Ruth Müller unforgettable hits and seldom heard tidbits are heard. Audiences have pricked up their ears during the artists' numerous tours abroad and the live recording in the Warsaw Philharmonie is "sounding proof" of the musical ability of the ensemble - a special concert experience available on video and CD.

Ouverture von Joh. Strauß Sohn


Waltz by Josef Lannerr
Polka fast by
Joh. Strauss Son

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