Symphonisches Schrammelquintett Wien

A top-notch ensemble which combines a love of Viennese music with the brilliant interpretation thereof in a most unique manner. The very particular instrumental combination of two violins, old Viennese contra-guitar (a 19th century Viennese guitar with bass strings), button accordion and g-clarinet (in Vienna lovingly called a sugary-sweet twig), offers you, as listener, a special timbre and lots of originality.

The repertoire of the time-tested programs of the Vienna Symphonia Schrammeln extends from traditional, classical Viennese folk songs to the works of the Strauss dynasty and the Austrian operetta literature. What's more, the ensemble will gladly put together a special program for you as customer, completely according to your own wishes.
In its own series in the Vienna Konzerthaus, television appearances under the auspices of the BBC in London and the ORF in Vienna as well as participation in the "Musikalischen Sommer" in Vienna, the "Bregenzer Festspiele" and guest appearances in Spain and Japan witness the success with audiences and the press as well as the musical importance of the Vienna Symphonia Schrammeln.

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