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Listen to a woodwind quintet of the most excellent quality which knows how to bring the different musical epochs, from classical to modern, into harmony in a way which is both innovative and aware of tradition at once.
The five artists in the instrumental combination of flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon combine many years of experience as successful orchestral and chamber music players. The founding of the ensemble in 1996 was inspired by the work and musical versatility of the composer Alexander Zemlinsky, a contemporary of Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg. The interesting repertoire of the quintet extends from W.A. Mozart and Franz Danzi to the waltz King Johann Strauss and over to Paul Hindemith and Györgi Ligeti - moreover, the ensemble has specialized above all in the interpretation of Austrian and French composers of the 20th century .
The success of the Vienna Zemlinsky Quintet is based on a felicitous artistic mix of tonal finesse, technical brilliance, and stylistically clear interpretation. A particularly convincing example of the professional artistic work of the five musicians is the CD recording of the technically very difficult and seldom played quintet op. 26 of Arnold Schönberg - the performance which received a great deal of attention, took place in 1998 in the new Schoenberg Center in Vienna.

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