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The blonde creature is a female jack-of-all-trades, plays the metamorphosis keyboard in fortissimo. And she almost always sings along - from the highest notes down to the remarkable low ones; depending on the situation, the intonation is either honed to perfection or appropriately off-key. Elke Kottmair is a classical soprano, a cabaret actress, versatile dancer, amusing moderator...

Süddeutsche Zeitung

... to deliver the well-known songs to in such a way that the audience is equally charmed by the chanson and the vocalist just have to know how to do it, Elke Kottmair does...


... in about 20 Hollaender Chansons, Elke Kottmair demonstrates a broad spectrum of vocal and dramatic possibilities. The change of styles is virtuosic. With voluminous depth, she portrays the sensuous woman, with a squeaky voice she turns herself into a little girl, once dead cunning, another time pitiable, ... her ability to transform herself aroused the enthusiasm of the audience..."


... she has an enormous palette of expressive possibilities at her disposal. She moves well, she can even tap-dance ... The audience showed its gratitude for the riveting evening with the outstanding Elke Kottmair with long applause ..."


... in a grey, poverty evoking overcoat she sings as the little match girl, of her dreams, her hopes and all her despair, so intensively that one can almost feel the cold wind which blows the poor girl about ..."




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